Wall-hung bidets from Villeroy & Boch

Classic chic for your bathroom.

Memento bidet from Villeroy & Boch

Wall-mounted bidets are a good alternative to classic floor-standing bidets. A modern installation system makes it very easy to mount bidets on a wall and has many advantages: You have maximum scope in choosing the height of your bidet as it’s not attached to the floor. It is easier to clean the bathroom floor as wall-mounted bidets do not have a base. Floor-free installations look elegant and light, make the bathroom appear larger and wider and showcase your tiles perfectly.

A wall-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch combines stylish aesthetics with maximum hygiene. Discover our exclusive product lines and select a high-quality bidet system that suits your needs. Be inspired by classic and modern shapes, perfect designs and a host of different bidets that match any bathroom style.

High-quality wall-mounted bidets with CeramicPlus surface finish

The innovative CeramicPlus finish from Villeroy & Boch stands for luxuriously smooth, long-lasting and low-maintenance sanitary ware with the lotus effect. Liquids simply roll off the refined ceramic surface, leaving behind a wonderful sheen and freshness. You only need a soft (microfibre) cloth to clean the bidet regularly and a mild cleaner to clean it every now and then. Scrubbing or strenuous cleaning with chemical agents are a thing of the past. All this saves time and effort – and is not only healthier for you, but it is also good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Wall-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch

All Villeroy & Boch bidets feature high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and long-lasting quality, which you will enjoy for many years to come. Choose your toilet, bidet, washbasin and shower/bath from the same collection to create a harmonious look – or combine different product lines to add an individual touch to your bathroom.

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Wall-mounted bidets – installation and connections

If a bidet is mounted on a wall, then the pipes and installation can be fitted and concealed in the wall. The bidet connections are also covered by stylish and low-maintenance panelling. This is probably one of the main reasons that wall-mounted bidets have now become so popular.

Finion bidet from Villeroy & Boch

Bidets are generally installed like a washbasin. The only difference is the lower position. Obviously a bidet has to be mounted on the wall in a way that large and heavy people can also sit safely and move freely. The right fastening set provides the stability and safety required for the wall mount. Moreover, every model is supplied with illustratedinstallation instructions, which makes it easier for you or a trusted professional to fit your bidet.

The outlet fitting of the bidet is attached to the siphon, which is connected to the building’s drainage system. You need two angle valves to connect the hot and cold water. These are screwed to the wall connections and then connected to the bidet taps via two pipes. Bidets are usually 40 cm high, but if you have a wall-mounted bidet you can determine how high you would prefer to sit. Classic bidets do not have a lid, but we also offer bidets with a lid as well as matching lids for retrofitting.

Wall-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch

The stability of the wall anchoring has to fulfil the highest requirements as bidets are naturally subject to more stress than washbasins. To play it safe, use the proper fastening set from Villeroy & Boch for your wall-mounted bidet. If you want to anchor the bidet on a solid wall e.g. directly in the brickwork, use extra-long screws (hanger bolts) and special dowels suitable for the construction material of your walls to obtain the required weight-bearing capacity. And if your are not a pro yourself, then it would be best to have professional tradespeople install and connect the bidet.

How to install wall-mounted bidets on an installation module

Wall-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch

If you have the right installation modules, you can put your sanitary ceramics wherever you want to in your bathroom. In most cases it makes sense to have the toilet and bidet very close to each other so as to make it quicker and smoother to move from the toilet seat to the bidet. Modern installation systems make it easier as they are made up of standard parts. Important installation elements such as waste water ducts, anchor points and attachments have already been laid and connected to the stable metal frame construction that makes it less prone to breakage and loosening. As standard measurements are used, there won’t be any problems with the fit – regardless of whether installation modules are mounted in a completely new bathroom or on a wall in an old building.

Bidets – a practical addition to any bathroom

Antheus bidet from Villeroy & Boch

Bidets have traditionally been used as a healthy and gentle way to clean the intimate area after using the toilet, but also for washing feet and as a hip bath. In northern Europe, bidets are less widespread than in other countries. For instance, more than 90% of all bathrooms in Italy have a bidet, in Germany it is only about 3%. It’s a shame as there is nothing better and gentler than clear water for daily intimate care. Moreover, it is safer and much more comfortable to clean the intimate area while seated.

Bidets are also safe to use by senior citizens and people with restricted mobility. When planning an accessible or age-appropriate bathroom, you can make it even safer by adding grab rails and providing more space for manoeuvrability.

The environmental aspect is considerable as cleaning with water can completely replace toilet paper. Obviously everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to stop using the “dry method” with toilet paper or simply want to complement the process with a bidet.