Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri.

Designer Something - Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri

"Something" is the joint studio of industrial designers Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri. Daniel Debiasi graduated from the Politecnico di Milano, while Federico Sandri was educated at the IUAV university in Venice. After undertaking joint projects for various design studios in Milan, they founded their joint studio "Something" in 2010. Their designs are characterised by spatial, cultural and emotional influences. As a design team, they push out the boundaries of design, incorporating objects as active parts of the environment. The designs by "Something" are never isolated, they remain in constant dialogue with other design elements in their surroundings. Sandri and Debiasi now work in Milan and London. Both cities are sources of fresh inspiration. The designers from "Something" created the ViClean-L for Villeroy & Boch.

ViClean-L – Inspired by the simplicity of nature

The delicate and light forms of the innovative bidet toilet ViClean-L conceal the deeper complexity behind the simple and natural design. Designed to be uncomplicated and friendly, it integrates perfectly into the room as a design element and remains in dialogue with its surroundings. The purist design of the bidet toilet contains exciting technological innovations, providing the users with exceptional convenience. The interior contains extraordinary bidet functions, which gently cleanse and massage the user’s posterior and intimate area. All functions are intuitive and have a remote control. The regulated seat heater rounds off the wellness program. The profiles of up to two users can be saved and accessed at the press of a button. Sustainability is also given its due, as ViClean-L is environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet. The technology prevents the back flow of water. With ViClean-L, "Something" has proven that environmental friendliness, great design and convenience go hand in hand. Simply a perfect combination of bidet and toilet.


The creative process behind ViClean-L

"Something" started the ViClean-L project by resolving to link aesthetics with innovative technology. At the same time, the objects had to integrate and be pared down to the minimum. As they are subjected to a flood of stimuli every day, users need to find a place of rest that is comfortable and user friendly. The daily interaction needs to be easy and natural. Inspired by the intuitive processes in the natural world and botany, the designers first set about designing the interior of the ViClean-L toilets. Their design was created as an organic link between the interior and exterior. The light, balanced design was intended to characterise the product and not serve as a mere shell. On a visual level, it was to be light and intricate, like a leaf, various interactive levels then developed. The result came about spontaneously: ViClean-L naturally conceals its complexity beneath the surface. Like a leaf on a tree, the toilet presents itself as part of an overall design concept and is smoothly integrated into the room design along with other design elements.

Plus X Award 2013

Plus X Award 2013

Combining great design with exceptional convenience won over the expert jury, responsible for awarding this particular design prize. ViClean-L from "Something", designed exclusively for Villeroy & Boch, won several awards in the Plus X competition of 2013. It was not only declared the "Best Product of 2013" but also won a Plus X Award for High Quality, Design, User Convenience and Functionality, along with the bidet toilet ViClean-U.

The experts loved the lightness of the design combined with the high level of convenience of the product. The inviting design with intuitive controls is what sets the ViClean-L bidet toilet apart. As an active element within the room, the bidet toilet remains in constant dialogue with its surroundings. It integrates smoothly into the interior and becomes part of the entire room layout. Its inviting design lets users’ inhibitions fall. Intuitively, they enjoy the entire range of technical innovations. ViClean-L therefore combines sophisticated design with enormous comfort. The bidet toilet gives the bathroom a stylish look in an inviting atmosphere. ViClean-L – an award-winning design combined with exceptional comfort.

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