The guest bathroom

More comfort for you and your guests

An inviting guest bathroom should be an essential feature in any modern home. It makes your visitors' stay more comfortable, protects your privacy and makes a wonderful second bathroom. It is a perfect solution to avoid morning congestion in the bathroom. Tasteful furnishings will transform your guest bathroom into your own personal style statement. Follow the design tips below to make your small guest bathroom a haven of relaxation and wellbeing.

Unlike a guest toilet, which usually consists of just a toilet and a hand-rinse washbasin in a tiny room, a guest bathroom opens up many more possibilities and greater comfort despite the limited dimensions.

Compact bathroom furnishings allow you to make the most of the available space.

Guest bathrooms are usually very limited in size. But with some clever planning and the right furnishings, you can turn a small bathroom into a pampering and fully equipped haven for you and your guests.

Enjoy perfect comfort in your guest bathroom too. Intelligent furnishing solutions for small bathrooms make best use of both space and design. Elegant hand-rinse washbasins or slender washbasins create a comfortable setting in the smallest of spaces. Compact toilets with smaller dimensions can be installed even in niches. Choose coordinating vanity units and space-saving furniture to make a lasting impression on your guests. 

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Would you prefer a shower or a bath in your guest bathroom? We can help you decide.

Lots of storage space for small rooms

Where can you store all your bathing utensils, such as towels, toilet paper or cleaning products, in a limited space? Elegant storage solutions allow you to arrange everything neatly, even in a small guest bathroom, to make the room look tidy and more spacious. A slim tall cabinet is ideal, providing lots of space and creating a restful visual effect. A vanity unit makes clever use of the space underneath the washbasin, while a wall-integrated mirror cabinet can include handy extra features, such as a tissue box or electrical sockets. Paving the way for almost unlimited design freedom.

Clever solutions for you

To make your guest bathroom look spacious and cosy

Try a few simple tricks to make your guest bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Always opt for light-coloured furnishings. This will create an impression of lightness in your bathroom. Use additional lighting such as spotlights in niches and indirect lighting, as well as large mirrored surfaces, to create a feeling of more depth in the room. Include a window where possible. As well as bringing light into your guest bathroom, this will also allow regular ventilation. In small rooms with no windows, an efficient ventilation system can create a fresh feel for enhanced wellbeing. 

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