Bidet hygiene: How hygienic is a bidet?


What is a bidet?

Once you have experienced the hygiene benefits of a bidet in the bathroom, it is hard to imagine life without one. The bidet is a low washbasin with a similar shape to a toilet. It is designed to provide gentle and thorough cleaning after using the toilet. Its low height also makes a bidet ideal for a sitting bath or for easy washing of feet. We explain the key facts about bidets and consider whether the hygiene offered by a bidet really is superior to that of a conventional toilet. 

Where does the bidet come from?




The bidet has been around for hundreds of years. Its special shape was developed in the late 17th century in France. In French, bidet means a small horse and the name was inspired by the original shape: a porcelain seated washbasin inserted in a wooden frame with a high backrest. The user sat astride the bidet. This made it look almost as if you were riding a horse. 

Bidets in modern bathrooms


Bidets are a stylish solution in modern bathrooms for optimum hygiene after using the toilet. Villeroy & Boch’s high-quality bidets are made from elegant porcelain and are available in a wide variety of designs, from timeless and classic to puristic and modern. They integrate harmoniously in the bathroom design.



There are two main styles: A freestanding bidet is ideal if the drain outlet connection is in the floor. In comparison with a floor-standing bidet, a wall-mounted bidet is an ideal partner for a hanging toilet and allows very easy cleaning of the floor. While early bidets were used for purely manual cleaning, modern bidets now have a shower for personal cleansing. 

Is a bidet more hygienic than toilet paper?

A bidet cleans using pure water. Toilet paper is only required for drying. Cleaning with a gentle shower spray is very effective, as the water reaches even tiny skin folds and simply rinses off any soiling. In comparison, toilet paper is less flexible which often means that not all residue is removed. A bidet is also kinder to skin. Cleaning with dry toilet paper irritates skin with mechanical friction. This can potentially cause sores. The risk of skin inflammations is also relatively high as toilet paper is not sterile. From an environmental perspective, a bidet also makes sense: While it consumes minimally more water, it saves a lot of toilet paper. Production of toilet paper is very energy intensive and uses valuable resources. 


Which is better: bidet or shower toilet?

Advantages of a bidet: 

  • Lower price: In comparison with a shower toilet, a bidet is a less expensive investment. If you already have a toilet and price is an important factor, a bidet could be the better option. 

  • Bidet as a washbasin: If you would like something you can also use as a washbasin, a sitting bath or to wash your feet, a bidet is the ideal choice. 

Advantages of the shower toilet 

  • Two in one: A shower toilet is a toilet with an additional shower feature for cleaning. If you are planning to purchase a new toilet, the two-in-one functionality of the shower toilet could be a smart alternative. 
  • Toilet and cleansing in a single step: With the shower toilet, there is no need to switch to a different installation. It combines a conventional toilet function with cleansing. This is more convenient and practical for people with restricted mobility. 
  • A wide range of extra features: Modern shower toilets provide fully automatic cleaning and many models come with a wide range of additional features, including a heated seat, odour extraction and night lighting. They also allow you to adjust the shower jet to your individual preferences for perfect hygiene. 
  • Even greater hygiene: A shower toilet eliminates the need for toilet paper. Modern models dry with a gentle flow of air. This method is very gentle on the skin and hygienic. 
  • More compact: In particular in small bathrooms, a separate bidet and toilet can take up a lot of space. The shower toilet is a compact solution. 

A bidet provides a high level of hygiene and well-being in a bathroom. Modern designs and a diverse range of models ensure harmonious integration in the overall bathroom design. The shower toilet is a further development of the bidet designed to provide gentle and thorough cleaning with water, even in very small bathrooms.