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The following points must be observed when installing the whirlpool tub inside:

If you are installing the whirlpool tub in the house, then a few requirements must be met: Your Villeroy & Boch whirlpool tub is the safest and most leak-proof whirlpool tub in the entire industry sector, but there is always a residual risk that a leak could occur. The area under and around the whirlpool tub should therefore be water-resistant, and preferably even waterproof. Please bear in mind that water occasionally splashes out of the whirlpool tub or that a leak can occur. In order to guard against such situations, it is advisable to install a floor drain and/or a collecting tub that corresponds with the volume of water in your whirlpool. Furthermore, condensation can form on the whirlpool tub cover and drip onto the floor. Make sure the flooring still provides sufficient support in a wet state and is resistant to continuous exposure to water and chemicals.[ It is also advisable to ensure sufficient ventilation in the room in which the whirlpool tub is located. The air humidity in the room increases naturally through the installation and use of the whirlpool tub. Water can get into wooden constructions and cause wood fungus, mould or other problems. In the course of time, a high air humidity and the whirlpool chemicals can cause water damage on the floor, walls and ceiling. Therefore, monitor the effects of the air humidity on wood, wallpaper and colours in the room. In order to minimise damage due to air humidity, the room should be sufficiently ventilated, e.g. by means of a ceiling fan and the paintwork should be moisture-resistant. An architect can tell you whether special ventilation facilities, such as a hygrostat or an air dehumidifier are required. They can be installed to regulate the air humidity in the room whilst the whirlpool tub is being used.

NOTE: Typical floor materials for inside installation are concrete, wood, slip-resistant tiles or linoleum.