Urinal lid from Villeroy & Boch

Practical and stylish

Urinal lid from Villeroy & Boch

A urinal from Villeroy & Boch gives your bathroom a stylish upgrade and also lays the foundation for more cleanliness and hygiene in your bathroom. Although urinals are commonplace in hotels, restaurants and public institutions, they are still quite rare in private households. But modern urinals combine innovative technology with attractive colours and designs that blend seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom fittings. Together with the matching urinal lid, they create an aesthetic whole with a subtle yet elegant effect. Moreover, the matching urinal lid increases hygiene.

Good reasons for installing a urinal lid

A urinal increases the level of comfort in your bathroom while creating a modern atmosphere. However, a urinal without a lid rarely looks inviting – just as inviting as a toilet missing its lid. Moreover, a closed urinal lid has the advantage of being able to lock in odours and protect the urinal from dust when it is not being used. This helps the urinal stay fresh and clean for longer, thus reducing the amount of time and effort needed to clean it.

Our urinal lid collections

Our urinal lids boast soft, flowing shapes that cascade into a perfect silhouette to create a rounded look. Urinal lids are available for selected urinals from the O.novo, Subway and Venticello ranges and can also be retrofitted.

Unexpectedly different and inexpensive: O.novo

The O.novo collection offers plenty of creative scope for designing your bathroom. The many different products harmonise beautifully together, providing a wide range of options for you to turn your bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. And all that at unexpected value for money.

We also have matching lids in the colour White Alpin for the urinals from the O.novo collection. The urinal lid hinge is chrome, the urinal lid itself is made from Duroplast.

O.novo urinal from Villeroy & Boch
Subway urinal from Villeroy & Boch

Sleek, impressive and versatile: Subway

Is a sleek and perfect design important to you when it comes to your bathroom fittings? Then it’s worth taking a look at the Subway collection with its wide range of products for stylishly furnished bathrooms. Design and function go hand in hand in this range, generating a harmonious look that will still give you plenty of creative freedom. Be it in the guest bathroom or a spacious family bathroom: the Subway collection features clear lines, a harmonious aesthetic and is as versatile as your needs.

We also offer urinal lids in four different colours for the urinals from the Subway collection, matching the chosen ceramic shade:

  • White Alpin 

  • Star White CeramicPlus 

  • Pergamon CeramicPlus 

  • Stone White CeramicPlus 

The urinal lid attachment has chrome hinges. The actual urinal lid is made from robust Duroplast and closes the urinal without making a single noise thanks to the SoftClosing function. Moreover, the patented closing mechanism protects children’s fingers as the urinal lid is lowered slowly and without any force or fast motion.

Linear design: Venticello

Bathroom ceramics from the Venticello collection combine maximum functionality with linearity and a clear design. The urinals in the collection also embrace attractive cubist shapes and modern technology, blending beautifully into a modern, custom bathroom environment.

These precise lines are also reflected in the urinal lids from the same collection. These urinal lids made from Duroplast feature chrome hinges and the SoftClosing function. This closing mechanism lets the urinal lid close gently and silently – no more slamming or sudden heart-stopping moments.

The urinal lids from the Venticello collection are available in the following colours:

  • Star White CeramicPlus 

  • Stone White CeramicPlus 

  • White Alpin 

  • Glossy Black CeramicPlus 

Venticello urinal from Villeroy & Boch

Urinal lids made from Duroplast: plastic in its most beautiful form

Our urinal lids are made from Duroplast, a plastic that is also used for making toilet seats. The glassy material is extremely resistant and stable. Moreover, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Subway urinal from Villeroy & Boch

Urinal lids – cleaning and care

Most of the time, all you need to regularly clean your urinal lid is a mild soap solution and warm water for rinsing. Stains can be easily removed from the non-porous surface without leaving any marks.

Even though Duroplast is highly resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis, you should avoid using chlorinated, abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents whenever possible as they can attack and damage the surface over time. Moreover, it can lead to surface rust on the chrome hinges of the lid.

The hinges should be included when cleaning the lid. You can also use a soap solution or a vinegar-based cleaner to clean them and remove the deposits. A discarded toothbrush is perfect for cleaning the hinges thoroughly as you can get to hidden areas more easily.

Rinse all cleaning product residue thoroughly with clear water and then wipe all smooth surfaces with a dry, soft cloth. This will prevent water stains on the plastic or metal surfaces. If stains do happen to form on the hinges, then you can remove them easily with a little stainless steel polish on a soft cloth.