Appetite for friendship

This summer will be a party

At last! It’s that time of year again, time for some very special moments. When we sit in the garden with friends and enjoy the culinary creations we have conjured up together on the barbecue and in the kitchen. And what could be more beautiful than enjoying such a delicious meal with the people closest to us? Time for barbecue aromas, salads, desserts and shared moments that become lasting memories.


Barbecues are about so much more than simply meat and fire. Create a magical experience with starters, drinks, side dishes and charming table decorations. And turning, seasoning, serving and savouring will be even more successful with our BBQ Passion series: steak plates with practical compartments for sauces and side dishes or serving plates with a skewer support and ridges for excess meat juices are ideal for very special treats. Have fun!


The key to success for a barbecue party is a good selection of side dishes. So why not include a casserole now and then? With a little imagination, you can transform a classic into a completely new invention. The baking dishes from our Clever Cooking series are your ideal helpers - now also available hand-painted in three colours. Have fun combining, seasoning and topping.

Perfect pleasure

Psssssst! We have a secret tip for you: “bowls are the new plates!” Set perfect pleasure trends this summer with the new Modern Dining collection. From delicious fruit salads to rice and vegetables with barbecued meat, a dessert, or, or, or. Eaten with a fork or spoon from the generously proportioned bowls, they taste twice as good. Try it for yourself.

“The point of eating and cooking is to spend time together!”


Pleasurable inspiration for shared moments

Sweet treats from the barbecue

When all the steaks have been taken off the barbecue, there is still enough heat and appetite left for a tempting dessert. But please don't just warm up an old classic! Why not try out some recipe ideas for sweet figs, barbecued pralines, fruit skewers or crispy berry nests? Each of these sweet inspirations is also a clear job for the BBQ Passion grill pans.

Additionally: Italian focaccia


This culinary tradition from Liguria is always perfect as an accompaniment or with an aperitif. And it tastes best of all when it is fresh and home-baked. Flour, salt, Crescenza cheese, water and oil. That's all you need.

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