A BBQ Party with Villeroy & Boch

Discover seasonal decoration ideas and barbecue recipes!

Our stylist reveals how to turn any location into a trendy barbecue oasis with a holiday atmosphere.

And, because she enjoys cooking as much as she does decorating, she has also given us a few trendy barbecue recipes.
We can't wait for the next BBQ party!

Tip 1

"Make sure there are enough plants."

Even if you are surrounded by greenery: create a stylish barbecue party atmosphere with bamboo, lemon and orange trees in wood, clay or basket-weave planters. The slightly urban feel of lightweight concrete containers is a key trend. Arrange a selection of pots containing fresh herbs, for example - they look pretty and taste delicious!

Tip 3

"Plan atmospheric lighting."

Whether you are aiming for a modern or Moroccan look: glass and wood tealight holders will create a Mediterranean atmosphere even in bright sunlight. When evening falls, complement the candlelight with a few chains of fairy lights in soft pastel shades. To enjoy atmospheric flickering light effects late into the night.

Tip 4

"Indulge in style"

To make sure your barbecue party is perfect, we have put together a selection of unusual and delicious barbecue recipes for you. These culinary treats are sure to be a big hit with your guests. Try it out!

Pulled pork is right on trend

Slow-cooked, super-tender pork is very trendy and always goes down well. Rubs made from fresh herbs and spices add a delicate aromatic note. The recipe with cumin, rosemary, whisky and maple syrup leaves a lasting impression and the meat simply melts in your mouth...

Barbecued pears as an original dessert

In the summer months in particular, desserts are often simply ice cream. If you want to offer your guests a special treat, make barbecued pears: simply drizzle halved pears with lemon juice, cook them briefly on the barbecue and sprinkle a mixture of sugar and poppy seeds on top. Add a scraping of butter to bring out the full flavour.

Don't forget the herb oil, ketchup and co.

A barbecue without a selection of sauces and oils is simply unthinkable. And home-made versions taste twice as good. For example, this quick sardine-caper oil, infused with the taste of Mediterranean holidays. The herb oil is delicious too and can be whisked up in just 5 minutes. And the berry ketchup recipe is sure to be a hit with your younger guests. Try it for yourself!

Mango chutney for an extra kick

Fruity pineapple and lime juice and spicy chilli, ginger and curry powder make this mango chutney a real flavour explosion. Important: Make sure you use ripe mangoes. It is a good idea to make up several jars of chutney to keep; it goes with everything and makes a perfect gift for a hostess.