The perfect celebration? Trust 272 years of experience.

As soon as winter comes along, you know it's that time of year again: you can feel the excitement building up during the festive season. And what better way to get into the mood than by decorating your home for Christmas? This is exactly why we have put together our favourite Christmas ideas in our themed world. Be inspired by our magical Christmas ideas. Take your time and browse the large Villeroy & Boch Christmas World to find everything you need for your perfect Christmas.

Old and new combined


What do you associate with Christmas? For us it’s the harmonious interaction between young and old, e.g. several generations at a large family get-together. Or handed-down traditions that are given a refreshing injection of new ideas every now and then. You can also combine our Christmas decorations with your own favourite pieces, lending them a charming twist each time.


Living tradition


Can you imagine Christmas without a tree? No? We can’t either. The scent alone that fills the room is a feast for all the senses. And that includes the eyes. After all, a Christmas tree is the stage for beautiful decorations. It’s just as much a box seat for the festive ornaments and plates from our Christmas World as it is for your gifts.