• 1 kg fresh octopus
• 4¼ cups water
• 1¼ cups white wine
• 3–4 bay leaves
• 1 bunch parsley (the stalks are enough)
• 3–4 garlic cloves Salt

Octopus in oil!


1. Wash the octopus thoroughly in cold water. You may still have to remove the beak, which is the chewing organ located in the hole on its underside. To remove it, push it out from the other side with your finger. And don't forget to also remove the eyes as they are inedible.

2. Next, heat the water and wine in a saucepan and then add add the salt, bay leaves, garlic and parsley. Add the octopus to the boiling mixture and cook over a low heat with the lid closed for 50 minutes.

3. After cooking, the octopus should be allowed to cool completely before it is grilled or baked in a hot oven.

Before grilling, we recommend drizzling the octopus with some garlic-chili oil or “Binicomprat” herb oil. Serve with lemon wedges, fresh bread, tomatoes and oil.