• 50 ml Rose Darjeeling syrup
• 120 ml Crémant d'Alsace Rose

Rose Darjeeling syrup:

• 4 tsp Sacred Emily Rose Darjeeling
• 250 ml water
• 225 g sugar

Rose Darjeeling Bellini


1. Add Rose Darjeeling syrup in champagne glasses and top off with Crémant. Garnish with white peach or raspberries. Use peach puree instead of crémant for a non-alcoholic drink and top off with sparkling mineral water.

2. For the Rose Darjeeling syrup:

Heat water in a pan up to about 80°C. Remove the pan from the stove, add tea and allow to steep 5 minutes until a strong infusion results. Pour liquid through a sieve to remove the tea leaves. Add sugar to the infusion and swirl until it is completely dissolved. Keeps refrigerated up to 1 month.