Spring is calling

Be inspired by sheer joy of life

Adieu, grey winter – welcome spring colours!

The first warming rays of sun are blinking around the corner, a soft green paints splashes of colour on earth that was barren only yesterday and the air smells of a new beginning – spring is the favourite season for our senses. As not only nature awakens from her winter slumber, our spirits are also eager for action. Give this pleasant tingling sensation, this exciting anticipation free rein and invite spring into your home.


Decorate as you wish

Do you know the feeling? The temperature outside has barely risen and your indoors is calling for a change. Some people may then renovate their home, others throw themselves into spring cleaning. If you also feel like a change, then lay your spring table with our Artesano Nature range. Every hand-painted item is unique and perfect for mixing and matching with the other pieces – always fresh and always beautiful.


Live and enjoy consciously

Winter was so endlessly long and now spring seems to be flying by so quickly. Despite all your creative enthusiasm, you should look inward every now and then, deeply inhale the vitalising spring air and consciously experience this glorious time. Maybe with a delicious smelling coffee in our charming Caffè Club cups. The new Caffè Club cups, whether with or without a relief with a floral pattern, will turn a short break into a feast for the senses.

Make life more colourful

Let’s be honest: spring can also be drab and monotonous. But somehow things seem to run more smoothly. Especially when we use colour, and not grey, to shape it. How about a cheerful yellow at breakfast, a fresh green at lunch and a warm red at dinner? How does it work? It's very simple: You can simply make spring brighter with our Colourful Life porcelain range.


Let friendships blossom

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it. This might sound like a calendar motto for the start of spring, but it’s true. Invite good friends around once again and talk about old times or new plans over a cup of tea. Create the right setting with our Mariefleur Tea collection and its floral pattern in bold colours.


Celebrate spring with great attention to detail

Mini brioche

Fresh mini brioches made with a yeast dough, simply baked in a muffin tray – perfect for Sunday breakfast.

Discover more

Mix & match with ribbons

Fresh spring decoration with a mix & match look. The Colourful Life crockery will brighten up your table and can be mixed and matched as you wish. A pretty idea when beloved guests come for coffee: decorate a stacked coffee place setting with shiny ribbons. Add coffee cups topped with sweet meringues – which you can then devour straight away.

Cutlery decoration with flowers

This quick decoration tip spreads spring cheer: lovingly decorate cutlery with fresh flowers and a fine ribbon – amazingly simple and very effective. Perfect for a quick table decoration: freesias, buttercups and guelder roses. It looks even prettier when the colours of the flowers harmonise with the crockery – in this case, Artesano Nature. Just try it out!


Your original and distinctive vases will put the spotlight on the beauty of spring. Indulge in colour and shape, be it Drop, Nek, Numa, Verso or Oronda. Accentuate the style of your home perfectly and round off the overall harmonious image with colourful tea light holders and lanterns from Coloured DeLight.