A large portion of love is the most important ingredient.

Passionate pastry chefs conjure up sweet delicacies with Clever Baking utensils. Add a little flour, sugar, eggs and most importantly: lots and lots of love. That's just the way cakes, tarts, muffins, etc. taste their best at birthday parties or for afternoon coffee. Spoil your friends and family with your baked creations, lovingly presented on the right cake plate. And now: ready at your ovens, get set, go! 

Collection details: Clever Baking

• high-quality Premium Porcelain
• heat-resistant & freezer-safe
• dishwasher safe
• microwave-safe

Bundt cake – the creative trendy pastry

Sponge mixture or yeast dough, marbled, with or without raisins – this delicious cake with its characteristic shape is always the right choice. Bundt cake works best in our two-piece cake mould, awarded the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year® 2018” prize. The inside part can also be removed and used as a measuring cup. After baking, you can lovingly decorate the patio steps: with a dash of icing sugar and fresh berries for pure enjoyment.


You can never get enough of sweet things. You're sure to find just what you need to make your favourite treats in the Clever Baking collection: Tins for Bundt cake and small and large tarts, muffin moulds, cookie cutters and stamps. And casually curved cake plates for serving. It's just baking that you need to do yourself.

Only the best for your loved ones.

Large footed
cake plate

Set of muffin
moulds 4er

Tart dish


Creative muffins

With a fruity cream cheese and berry topping or melted chocolate, present your muffins in an imaginative way. Create delicious, lovingly made gifts with the practical Clever Baking accessory and put a smile on the face of your friends.