Whirlpool systems for baths
Air nozzles, water nozzles or a combination of both: Villeroy & Boch whirlpool systems are always a pleasure – whichever version you choose. And each and every system can be combined with numerous different baths
Discover your own personal spa experience

Air massages have a stimulating effect and offer effective relief for tense muscles. Water nozzles target your muscular system and stimulate your local metabolism. Combining both has a uniquely refreshing effect, relieving tenseness and stimulating your vascular circulation. Take a closer look at our range! Discover the various advantages of the different systems, and decide which version is best suited to helping you relax. Your local Villeroy & Boch dealer will be happy to offer you a personal consultation.

The air system for an invigorating massage


In the AirPool, air is injected into the bath through special jets and dispersed as fine bubbles. These air jets are located in the base and ensure a stimulating massage. The pipes to the base jets are blown dry after use.

The water system for targeted body massage


The water is extracted and pumped back into the bath through special (water) jets. The HydroPool massage jet stimulates the muscles and local metabolism. Residual water is drained away.

The combination of AirPool and HydroPool


The best of both worlds: air jets in the base of the bath and water jets, depending on the model, in the back, at the sides and/or in the foot area. The jets can also be used separately, for an all-round body massage that gently eases tensions and stimulates the circulation. The CombiPool is also used for hydrotherapy. The residual water drains away and the base jets are blown dry.

It's up to you
If you are looking for something really special, we offer various options and whirlpool systems enabling you to create your own truly individual showpiece.