Classic design with a contemporary twist

Clean vegetables, drain pasta or fill vases, there always seems to be so much action in the kitchen like nowhere else – and practically everything revolves around the sink. This makes it all the more important to find a solution that not only looks good, but also provides practical advantages. A kitchen sink from the Architectura family is an excellent choice in every way. Because its classic design is both attractive and well-designed.

Attractive appeal

The Architectura kitchen sinks boast a classic familiar design that goes perfectly with a wide range of interior styles.
Thanks to their homogeneous surfaces and harmonious lines, they blend perfectly in kitchens with an urban as well as country house style. You can choose between 13 different ceramic colours. This will give your kitchen a very personal touch and perfect the overall look.

High-quality and refined ceramics

The Architectura kitchen sinks are made from high-quality ceramic, making them very resistant to heat and cold. Hot pans or frozen food can be simply placed on a ceramic sink and common household acids won’t leave any marks. In addition, the CeramicPlus surface finish guarantees outstanding hygiene and easy cleaning. Advantages you will quickly come to appreciate in everyday use.

Advantages of ceramics CeramicPlus